Wednesday, 3 September 2014

11 advantages of rabbit farming.

  1. Rabbits are exceedingly productive and a decent female can create 25 to 30 units (youthful ones) for every year.

  2. Rabbits are the best makers of fleece on for every kg body weight premise. They oblige 30 % less absorbable vitality to create one kg of fleece as contrasted with sheep.

  3. Rabbit fleece is 6 – 8 times hotter than the contemporary sheep downy. It might be blended with silk, polyester, rayon, nylon, sheep fleece and different filaments to make great quality handlooms and additionally hand weaved array.
  4. Rabbits expend a lot of rummage from assorted inceptions and subsequently, could be raised on roughages with less amount of immoderate concentrate encourage.

  5. Rabbits might be raised in little gatherings (upto 50 nos.) in the kitchen enclosure/ patio of rancher's home with kitchen squander as food. Family work is sufficient to deal with work prerequisites of the unit.

  6. Initial venture expense is low.

  7. Quick returns i.e. inside six months after the stronghold of homestead.

  8. Income era at quarterly interim makes the reimbursement simple. 

  9. Apart from giving fleece, rabbits likewise give pay from offer of units, meat, pelt and compost.

  10. Residual food, together with rabbit compost is exceptionally suitable for vermicompost which thusly gives astounding fertilizer to preparing the farming fields.

  11. Rabbit meat is rich in poly unsaturated fats and is sorted as white meat.

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